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Gamification is here!

We make computer and mobile games for large businesses to increase customer loyalty, boost sales, create virality to attract new customers

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We Make Games that Solve Challenging Tasks

From an idea to finished product. scenario, graphic design, frontend and backend development. We are a full-stack team!

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Engaging customers into a digital service is a challenging task!

Traditional marketing is no longer effective

In this war with old habits, such tools as advertising and typical marketing are no longer effective when fighting old habits. Let's be honest, we all are tired of buzzing ads.

Marketing costs more than the product itself

In this highly competitive market telling the world about your product may cost more than making that very product.

Old habits and behavior

Old habits are the biggest competitor for every online service


Our tried and tested games for marketing

In collaboration with Rostelecom, we have built a set of games to attract end-clients to digital applications and teach them to use self-services.

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50 000 000+
Happy Gamers
50+ Business Goals Achieved
+10% to traffic for personal account
7000+ Cups of Coffee
Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

We are providing interactive experience of a real-world environment where the objects that reside in the real world are enhanced by computer-generated perceptual information.

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Our latest hyper-casual games for marketing attraction

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Gamification is a new format of communicating with your audience in order to increase sales, customer loyalty, and build new habits. If you want to attract new users and engage them to interact with the brand just offer them to play a game.

Elena Tadarovskaya

“With REV.GAMES we use game thinking and game dynamics to engage our audince and build business solutions.”

Aleksandr Podterebko

“Clearly, REV.GAMES is the team that you work with as partners in your business. They understand your goals and help you share the vision you need to portray on the market.”

// MARKETing manager AT ROSTELeCOM
Aidana Mektembaeva

“What a team! These guys built our website from the ground up, meeting our ridiculous demands and extremely tight deadline with absolute perfection! They delivered everything to the best of our expectations, paired with the BEST attitude ever!”

Who We Are

Team of talents

We know how to make games that people will play!

Artemii Trifanov
Chief Technical Officer
Anton Danyushin
Chief Commercial Officer
Mikhail Sidorov
Chief Marketing Officer
Svetlana Loginova
Art Director
Viktor Pospelov
Senior Game Designer
Daria Popova
Project Manager
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